All products on this website are handmade, but not always handcrafted. What I mean by this is that I make all the products by hand, but I don’t make everything from scratch. This is because I don’t have the training or the materials to handcraft my silver jewelry or keuchains. But I try to make sure that everything used is the best material I can offer you. If you have any issues with it, do not hesitate to contact me (in either English or Dutch) so I can try and help you out.

Silver Plated – 

Most of my jewelry add ons are silver plated. this means there is a small layer of silver on top of the material. This also means that people allergic to nickel for example will be able to wear the product with it causing a green tint on the skin. 

Rose Gold Plated – 

Rose gold seems to be a new tint of gold that offers a soft pink glow to the metal. The rose gold jewelry will be covered in a thin layer of rose gold.

Gold Plated – 

Gold plated jewelry is covered in a thin layer of gold. 

Resin – 

Resin is a material created by combining two chemicals (epoxy resin and a hardening agent), that turns it from a liquid to a solid form (similar to plastic or glass) that can contain many things. It can also be used to preserve insects or flowers, and turn them into pendants or keychains. Almost anything can be cast.